La Jolla attracts residents and visitors with its beautiful beaches, luxury shopping, and cultural events. This town has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for adventure or considering a move to this seaside sanctuary. This coastal community epitomizes the Southern California lifestyle with its Mediterranean climate, scenic beach, and laid-back vibe. There is a wide selection of homes for sale in La Jolla, ranging from opulent oceanfront mansions to delightful homes located further inland. The town’s appeal and refinement, from Torrey Pines’ rocky cliffs to Girard Avenue’s expensive stores, make it a popular destination for luxury and leisure seekers.

Things to do in La Jolla

La Jolla Beach

La Jolla Shores Beach is a must-see for beginning surfers, casual beachgoers, and sunbathers. This beautiful beach has 1 mile of warm, smooth sand. There’s lots of space, but parking may be restricted, especially on weekends, so arrive early. Due to the calm waves and pleasant waters, swimming is the most popular pastime.

La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove is worth the 30-60 minutes it takes to visit. The cove and beach are small, but what’s inside and around them draws hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists daily.

La Jolla Underwater Park

La Jolla Underwater Park is accessible from Shores Beach or Cove. Its protected marine area is home to leopard sharks, rays, kelp, orange garibaldi (California’s state fish), and more. Scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and SUP are the greatest ways to see this area.

Torrey Pines SNR

The Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve borders Del Mar and La Jolla. Hiking and strolling around one of La Jolla’s most beautiful natural places is best here. The views are stunning, and you may spot whales and dolphins migrating. Being a ‘reserve’ means many endangered animals and unusual plants reside there.

Ellen Browning Scripps Park

The Lorax’s Truffula trees were inspired by Ellen Browning Scripps Park’s windblown trees! This park has a rich history and is one of the most beautiful sites viewing the ocean. It is excellent for picnics, frisbee or catch, dog walks, yoga, and lounging on the grass.

Cost of living in La Jolla

The cost of living in La Jolla is far greater than the national and California averages. Housing is the highest cost. The median property price is $1.3 million, making it difficult to buy a home here. Groceries and transportation cost more than elsewhere in the country. In La Jolla, minor expenses pile up rapidly. Healthcare, utilities, and incidental costs are also costly. La Jolla’s cost of living is 75% more than the national average. The same income that might support you in another city may cover only the basics in La Jolla.

However, La Jolla’s benefits may justify its high cost of living. Beach towns with picturesque coves and a laid-back ambiance are popular. Outdoor activities are great year-round due to the weather. Additionally, La Jolla has excellent schools, world-class cultural attractions, and a vibrant community. This town can be a great place to live if you can afford it and prioritize these things.