Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, has long attracted celebrities, athletes, and people seeking luxury due to its lavish lifestyle and magnificent real estate. Palm-lined streets and large houses depict achievement, affluence, and the pursuit of the unusual. Beverly Hills is a prestige symbol and a place to blend luxury and quality. Beverly Hills homes for sale are diverse, catering to different tastes and lifestyles.

Beverly Hills homes for sale

If a luxury home is what you want, check the different types of homes available in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills Spanish Homes

The most popular Beverly Hills residences are Spanish or Mediterranean. These houses date from the 1920s and 1930s. They provide residents with an outdoor lifestyle. Their big yards are perfect for family gatherings.

Tuscan Homes

Tuscan homes are Italian-inspired and European-style, suit Beverly Hills, CA, purchasers. They have spacious patios, red brick exteriors with white stucco accents, terra cotta roof tiles, and many windows for natural light. Tuscan-style homes have grand floor plans, huge windows that let in natural light, and high ceilings that open up the area. They usually have a pool or outdoor area for entertaining and vistas from every room.

Victorian Homes

Celebrities and business people live in these opulent homes. An elegant porch, exquisite woodwork on windows and doors, beautiful molding around windows and doors, and stone or brick exteriors are typical of these homes.

Craftsman Homes

The Craftsman Style House has been around for a while, yet people still enjoy it. People are learning about this architectural style, which is growing in popularity. The porches and windows of these modest dwellings are big. Their attractive appearance comes from brick or shingle siding, asymmetrical gables, low-pitched roofs with overhanging eaves, and square front porch columns. Rosewood Residences Beverly Hills To Open In 2024

French Homes

Beverly Hills luxury house buyers love French homes for their traditional design. This home style has everything you need, from beautiful kitchen appliances to a welcoming living space for entertaining. These European-style residences have been famous with the Hollywood elite for decades.

Why celebrities love Beverly Hills

Below are reasons why celebrities love Beverly Hills:


Celebrities love privacy, and Beverly Hills gives the most in Los Angeles. Beverly Hills is a peaceful retreat for celebrities and their families, with long, winding driveways, modern security systems, calm streets and cul-de-sacs, and dense vegetation to obstruct tourists and cameras. Many Beverly Hills mansions were designed for privacy. Previous famous owners made their home a quiet and luxurious escape from Los Angeles. The entire community respects people’s privacy.

Fitness Culture

Beverly Hills and Los Angeles have world-class gyms and personal trainers for fitness-conscious and figure-conscious celebrities. They often take exercise classes at Beverly Hills clubs like The Bunker or celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson’s private facility. Additionally, celebrities and their aides can be found at local organic food stores and farmer’s markets buying local produce and more.


Beverly Hills’ central location in Los Angeles gives celebrities and residents easy access to the city’s attractions. Top-rated restaurants, world-class shopping, work, and leisure are nearby. Living in Beverly Hills helps celebrities escape L.A.’s bottleneck with studios and offices nearby and beaches and mountains nearby for day trips.

Beverly Hills Food

Who doesn’t appreciate L.A.’s food? However, as a star, finding a spot to eat without paparazzi taking your picture and tourists asking for your number might be difficult: Not Beverly Hills. Many small and charming European cafes and restaurants allow celebrities to dine and chat for hours without interruption. After dark, celebrities can secure tables at some of the nation’s best restaurants in Beverly Hills and nearby areas.


Beverly Hills has some of the world’s best luxury homes. Mark Wahlberg’s Mediterranean-style mansion has a movie screening room, putting green, outdoor cabanas, a waterfall, and a cave. A 2,500-square-foot separate gym has a full-size boxing ring!