Kitchens have always been the focus of every household. This is the place where you can be free and flaunt your style and taste. Today, kitchens are no longer meant to be only traditional and must be designed to upgrade their functionality. Hence, homeowners are now paying more focus to the design, layout, and color of the space. The spaces can easily be given luxe touches, thanks to the renovation professionals, who never run out of ideas. Here are some ideas you can implement in your next kitchen renovation to have that luxury look.

Neutral shades and luxe

Paint your kitchen in neutral shades and have an instant transformation. The shades like champagne, beige, and pastel hues are always chosen for their luxurious appeal. Couple it up with cabinetries and storage options in fairly darker shades. Shades like charcoal and teal can aesthetically uplift your kitchen and help it blend well. If you are low on space, consider using the white color. It will reflect the light and make your kitchen look spacious.

New cabinet knobs

If you do not want to tamper with your existing cabinets and storage options, try altering the fixtures with something fairly modern. Try incorporating new handles, door pulls, and hinges that have appealing decorative sides in attractive hues. Just make sure that you pick the right sizes. You can fearlessly mix metals, unlacquered brass, or even shiny nickel for that simple yet hefty appeal.

Makeover for the backsplash

If you want to add a statement to your kitchen, go for making the backsplash unique. You can put your money into this if you are looking forward to a kitchen upgrade. You can boost your style and taste and can go crazy while playing with colors.

Alter the lighting

Lights are most often neglected, but should not be anymore. Correct light upgrades can impart a luxurious look and feel to your kitchen. Opt for tardy light fixtures, low hanging lights, or pendant and cluster lights. These will create an illusion of a higher ceiling and are best for illuminating the kitchen counters, islands, and adjoining spaces. You can also install dimmers for that royal look. This brings in a warm mood and glow and makes the kitchen look very expensive.

The Renovco kitchen renovation has pioneered the art of kitchen-making, making it look appealing and luxe, without breaking a bank.