Artificial grass is becoming more prominent in many landscaping and home improvement projects. It requires less maintenance and saves money on water, making it a viable option that homeowners can consider for their homes. However, there is not enough awareness about the different features and uses of artificial grass.

You can find artificial grass Melbourne in various styles and colours, just as different varieties of natural grasses have other characteristics. Sometimes, we want the grass to feel soft and fluffy when barefoot. Artificial turf made from delicate or soft materials is less durable than those made of more rigid and more resilient surfaces.

It can be a challenge to determine the correct type of artificial grass that one can consider for their landscaping needs. Several factors influencing product selection may include cost, appearance, durability, and price. There are also other factors to consider when choosing the right type of artificial grass. These include how it will look, how it will be used, and how long it will last. It would help if you also considered the needs of others, like children, pets, and passersby.

There are different types of artificial grass in terms of material. Nylon artificial grass is firm and has the stiffest blades that can hold its original shape even under hard athletic play and other types of high foot traffic.

Meanwhile, polyethylene artificial grass produces the most life-like type of artificial grass, making it a popular choice for those looking to improve their lawn. It is made from a similar material that is commonly used for plastic bags and plastic bottles.

Polypropylene artificial grass is the least expensive option that is available. It has a more delicate texture made from solid pellets. However, polypropylene artificial grass is also the least durable synthetic grass type, making it a viable option for smaller spaces with less foot traffic.

For more details about the different kinds of artificial grass, here is an infographic provided by Easy Turf.

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