Rodents are not as cute as you see “Jerry the mouse” on screen, on the contrary, they are quite disgusting and upright and injurious to health. Especially with the fall knocking on the door, you will have uninvited rodents finding their way into your home. They like the warmth and comfort of your house and thus in the harsh winter conditions, they have higher chances to get inside your house. They are known to cause more than 34 dangerous diseases. Thus routine pest control is necessary to keep the pests away from your house. Please follow to learn more.

The Diseases caused by Rodents

Hantavirus: It is a group of viruses that can cause death in human beings. Some of the symptoms of people affected by this virus are kidney failure, respiratory problems, or problems in other blood parameters. However, this is a rare disease but when affected have serious consequences. Ensure to contact a pest control service to keep yourself safe.

Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis: Common house rats are the primary reason for this disease. They are the primary host of LCMV.

Plague: Plague is perhaps one of the most deadly diseases and is notorious for killing millions of people during the middle ages. Yersinia pestis is the bacterium that is responsible for this disease- affecting human beings and mammals. If you are bitten by a rodent that is carrying the disease of a rodent flea carrying the disease then you have a chance of getting infected by the disease. 

Tularemia: Bacterium Francisella Tukaremis is the cause of Tularemia- a disease that infects both animals and humans. During the outbreak rabbits, rodents and hares, are suspected of dying of this disease. Tick and deer fly bites are two of the many ways by which human beings can get affected. Other ways of getting infected are by skin contact with the animals infected, using the contaminated water, and in the experimental laboratories by inhaling the contaminated air. 

Final words 

Apart from the health hazard, rodents are also notorious for eating away crops, clothes, papers, and your regular food in the kitchen. If you have babies you should be extra careful about their infestation. Seal the entryways, leaks, and gaps that may serve as their entryway. You can also use mouse traps or the pesticides that are available in the market to eliminate them. But to ensure that they are eliminated from your house call a professional pesticide service provider.