Regardless of the season of the year, be it winter or summer, mold growth in the home is usually caused by certain indoor activities. Many of these activities or events increase moisture levels in the home, ultimately resulting in mold invasion. Cleaning up after mold requires more than just a mop and bleach. More so, it is not a task for untrained personnel. Mold remediation services Chula Vista will completely eliminate mold from your property, destroying any chance of mold regrowth. Thanks to advanced tools and equipment, they will help recover your home from mold infestation. 

Mold can grow on any surface so long as the conditions are right – walls, books, leather items, clothes, and anything you can think of. It can transform your most valuable assets into musty relics that only look fit for the garbage. 

What is Mold?

Mold is a form of fungus. There are different types, and can be found anywhere – indoors and outdoors. Mold spores are airborne. Preventing mold spores is somewhat impossible as they can survive even in the harshest of weather conditions. They thrive in places where mold itself cannot grow. 

To see mold spores in action, put them in a moist or damp environment. Once they settle on a damp surface, the growth stage kicks in. mold can grow and survive on different surfaces, including walls, paper, fabrics, and much more. 

Mold Types 

There are thousands of mold types out there. In fact, experts find it hard to determine the exact number of mold types due to their sheer volume. While some thrive fast indoors, others grow fast outdoors, and some species can survive anywhere – both indoors and outdoors. 

The most common type of molds include

  • Penicillium – mostly found in water-damaged areas. One of its unique features lies in color – they appear in blue or green
  • Alternaria – found mostly in damp spots indoors, including the bathroom and kitchen sinks. 
  • Cladosprium – thrives more on fabric and wood surfaces.
  • Aspergillus – mostly found indoors and thrives on powdery food items, dust, and drywall.

Mold can take different forms, textures, and colors. Mold growth discolors walls. So if you have beautifully painted walls that you’d like to maintain, be sure to act fast to remove any mold sign, so it doesn’t disfigure the appearance of your walls. 

They can also have a rough or fuzzy appearance, depending on the mold type. 

How Long Does It Take Mold to Manifest

Mold spores can travel into the home by attaching itself to the fur of your pets. Mold spores are all around us, it just unfortunate that they are microscopic organisms. The naked eyes can’t see them. The most common spot where mold grows in the home includes the kitchen, basement, bathroom, poorly ventilated areas or rooms, and windows where condensation builds up.

Mold doesn’t take long to begin to manifest in your home. Once mold spores land on a surface with the right conditions to grow and flourish, it begins to manifest within 24 – 48 hours.