There’s a general misconception among commercial property owners and apartment building managers that all commercial plumbing systems are relatively the same.

Although it’s true that certain commercial plumbing systems are similar in terms o scale and size, there are no two buildings that are precisely the same. Every apartment building has notable differences and distinctions, and plumbing contractors have to be prepared to handle these distinctions with proper care.

Below are five of the most frequent commercial plumbing issues that apartment building managers need to know about! 

Drain Clogs 

A lot of apartment buildings have to deal with severely clogged drains, and these types of clogs can end up being problematic for multiple units, and potentially even the entire building. Because commercial systems experience an exponentially higher amount of waste volume and overall usage as compared to residential systems, clogged drains and blockages are by far one of the most common issues that apartment buildings deal with on a regular basis. 

Commercial toilets and kitchens share a complex drainage system, so when one resident improperly flushes something or improperly uses their garbage disposal, it can be problematic for many people. 


Because commercial plumbing systems in apartment complexes tend to be pretty expansive, they often incur leaks within the miles upon miles of pipe work. Whether the leak originates from toilets, sinks, faucets or pipes, this is one of the most recurring issues that occur within apartment buildings. 

A lot of apartment building leaks are also pretty tough to recognize, and many of them are completely hidden from any resident’s view. This type of issue is always extremely problematic, because a neglected leak can lead to other issues like mold and mildew development. 

This is why it’s so crucial for apartment building managers to continuously monitor their water bills and spot any abnormal spikes that could allude to a plumbing leak! 

Issues With A Building’s Water Temperature 

Although a lot of apartment buildings will have a water heater within each unit, there are still plenty of complexes that utilize commercial water heaters. These water heaters are very different as compared to smaller, residential units, and they also tend to experience more serious issues when they’re malfunctioning. 

No building manager wants to deal with an entire complex of residents complaining about a lack of hot water, and any water temperature irregularities can negatively impact an apartment building. 

Pipe Damages 

As mentioned above, most apartment buildings have several miles of pipes going through them, and because there simply is so much pipe work within apartments, it inevitably means that damages will happen from time to time. 

Commercial plumbing systems often suffer from issues like split, cracked, or even burst pipes. All of these pipe damages can be caused by external forces like weather, but the vast majority of pipe issues are caused by long-term wear and tear. 

When an apartment building needs new pipes, replacing the old ones is always a rather expensive and complex procedure. 

Sewage Smells 

Another common issue found within commercial plumbing systems is foul sewage smells. Anyone who’s lived in an apartment building can attest to this issue, because when one resident creates a nasty blockage, it can lead to foul odors and even sewage spills in multiple bathrooms. 

Although there are many causes of sewage smells in apartment buildings, these plumbing dilemmas always require an experienced team of professionals to thoroughly address. 

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