One device that has lagged behind in the smart home revolution is electric curtains. Many of us are now automating everything we do with lights, security cameras, thermostats and locks, but we have never thought about automatic curtains. By automating this part of your home, you can improve your home security while making your home more energy efficient. Electric smart curtains, as the name suggests, are curtains that are opened and closed by a motor rather than by hand. Automatic curtains are usually powered by batteries or plug-in motors. Also, the motor is hidden behind curtains and curtain rods so that only the home owner knows it’s there. It’s automated, so there’s very little manual work. Opening and closing curtains isn’t a particularly daunting task, but this automation will greatly benefit older homeowners and people with disabilities. But the real value of electric curtains lies in their ability to integrate with smart home systems via an app or through voice activation with Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. The most obvious advantage of automatic curtains  is convenience. Instead of pulling curtains or manually adjusting the perfect position, battery power or an electric motor can do the work. This automation therefore provides a significant ergonomic improvement. In addition to reducing physical stress, functional comfort is also improved. When you’re not home, you can set a time to open or close the curtains or control them with an app.

Closing the blinds can be a great security feature as it prevents outsiders from seeing what is going on inside your home. The ability to remotely open and close the blinds improves home security can be taken to the next level. The challenge of home security on vacation is trying to hide from your neighbors the fact that your home is vacant each day. Leaving your porch light on wastes electricity all day long. Turning off the lights outside can make your home look empty in the evening, making it an easy target for thieves. The app can set timers and adjust curtains remotely to make your home look empty even when you’re on the go.

Energy Efficiency:

Technically, using motorized curtains instead of manual curtains is not energy efficient. However, this energy consumption is minimal. The real benefit is that the curtains are easy to open and close in response to sunlight. Mobile apps and timers can be used to schedule automatic curtain actions. So, in the colder months you can open the curtains and use the natural heating during the sunny hours. In warm weather, do the opposite. Close the curtains so the sun doesn’t heat the house. Our expectations continue to rise as smart home devices become more sophisticated. Decades ago, security cameras were a piece of equipment for museums and the super-rich, but they weren’t practical for us ordinary people. Now, for less than the price of a nice dinner, you can buy a home security system sophisticated enough to send alerts thousands of miles away. Even voice-activated devices weren’t considered futuristic not so long ago. Now I use them to make phone calls and change channels on my TV.