Silverfish are tiny silver color insects that run pretty fast. When they move, it looks like they are swimming on the floor, which is why they ankle silverfish.

Insects like silverfish seek environments that are high in humidity. Your house has many areas like washrooms, attics, and basements where a lot of moisture is present. Unlike other pests, silverfish do not need nutritional food; they can feed on your clothes, paper, wallpaper, glue, etc. if they get access, they eat foods like oats and flour.

Call pest control in San Antonio immediately if you see silverfish in your house. Silverfish have a fast multiplying rate, so you must act quickly, or they will take over your home in no time.

Steps to control silverfish in your home

  • Fill in all the cracks and gaps.

Look out for all the cracks and holes in your house, and make sure you start from outside. Fill all the gaps you find outside your house walls to block the entrance of silverfish in your home.

While sealing the walls, look for gaps or cracks in your door or windows. Silverfish are pretty tiny and can enter from minor holes.

  • Eliminate extra moisture 

Check if there any leakages in your bathroom or kitchen plumbing’s that constantly drip out water. Silverfish require a lot of water and are attracted to places with abundant moisture. 

Leaking pipes and moldy wood are perfect silverfish infestations. 

  • Restrict their food resources 

Silverfish are a resilient pest and can live without food for a long time. However, cutting off their food supply might be a possible way to eliminate them long-term.

For example, avoid keeping cardboard boxes, books, old newspapers, and magazines in damp places. Another practical tip is replacing the cardboard storage boxes with plastic containers or bins with tight lids.

Moreover, ensure you store all the grains, flours, oats, etc., in air-tight containers. So the pest cannot enter and feed on them.

  • Regularly vacuum your home.

Although the vacuum is not a permanent solution to get rid of silverfish, it will reduce the amount of pesto drastically if you continue doing it regularly. 

And who knows, eventually, you will eliminate silverfish in your house. While vacuuming, do not forget the attics and basement of your home, as these are the prime locations for silverfish infestation.

If you still face problems, make sure to speak to pest control services to get the best solution!