Having beautiful shag rugs around your home always looks great, but a lot of homeowners don’t realize how there are many eco-friendly benefits to this rug style that provide other benefits that just aesthetics. 

There’s so much to love about eco-friendly shag rugs, and below we’ll be detailing what they are and the common benefits associated with them! 

What Exactly Are Eco-Friendly Shag Rugs? 

These shaggy rugs are made from natural fibers like wool or organic cotton, which makes them 100% sustainably sourced. This type of rug production doesn’t use any synthetic chemicals, so these rugs are eco-friendly during the manufacturing process. 

Five Benefits of Eco-Friendly Shag Rugs

Now that you have a good idea as to what an eco-friendly rug actually is, let’s take a closer look at some of the common benefits associated with eco-friendly shag rugs. 

Five of the most important benefits of these rugs include: 

They’re Biodegradable & Recyclable 

One of the biggest pros of eco-friendly shag rugs is that they’re made from biodegradable materials, which allows for the decomposition of bacteria and other living organisms without pollution risks. 

Eco-friendly shag rugs are also easily recyclable. And in this instance, rug recycling simply refers to converting waste materials into reusable materials. 

This essentially means that your shaggy rug will always be useful for other purposes, even after you’re done using it as a part of your home’s décor!

Easy Cleaning 

A lot of area rugs are difficult to clean, particularly shag rugs. Synthetic shag rugs are especially prone to dust and debris accumulation, and it can be extremely difficult to remove this dirt from these area rugs. 

But this isn’t the case with shag rugs made from natural organic fibers, because they can be easily vacuumed to get dirt out of the rug’s thick fibers. Shag rugs made of wool are a great example of easily cleanable rugs, and this is because wool has anti-stain abilities and rarely gets dirty. 

Shedding is probably the only main issue that you’ll face with an organically made shag rug, because some fiber particles will become dislodged from the rug’s foundation every now and again. 

But just remember that any waste like this can be recycled! 

Eco-Friendly Shag Rugs Never Go Out Of Style 

Most home décor accessories with a natural look never go out of style, and the same can be said of naturally-made shag rugs. 

Because these rugs are noticeably eco-friendly, they’ll look great and portray a sense of environmental stewardship. And using natural fibers allows shag rug artisans to develop all sorts of beautiful weaving techniques and patterns. 

There’s no denying that you’ll be able to find an eco-friendly shag rug that matches your existing furniture setup, and as time goes on, you’ll see how these rugs don’t wear out like synthetic rugs do! 

More Affordable In The Long Run 

Although most natural area rugs have a higher up-front cost as compared to synthetic rugs, you’ll actually end up saving money in the long run when you make these types of eco-friendly home décor investments. 

This is mainly because you won’t have to spend as much money on cleaning and upkeep, and your eco-friendly rug will ultimately last a lot longer. Many eco-friendly shag rugs will last around the same time as 2-3 synthetic shaggy rugs! 

They’re Incredibly Durable 

As mentioned in the above section, eco-friendly shag rugs are very durable and resistant to the type of wear and tear that typically impacts synthetic rugs. 

Wool rugs for example are very durable and are even capable of being in high-traffic household areas, which can’t be said for synthetic shaggy rugs that usually need to be placed in low-traffic areas like bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Due to the very thick fibers found on eco-friendly shag rugs, they can outlast the vast majority of other area rugs in today’s marketplace!

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