Here are some fun facts about Texas you may not have known. The state has the highest water hardness ranking in the country. Hard water is when there are high levels in certain minerals like calcium and magnesium. Although hard water is not harmful to your health, it can cause damage to plumbing fixtures and other home appliances.

Water Heater Repair

Many of our customers choose to have a water softener installed in their homes. Water softener systems offer many benefits, including the ability to prevent mineral buildup in pipes and making it easier to clean dishes and clothes.

A Water Softener System Can Have an Impact on Your Water Heater

A tank water heater’s average life expectancy is between 8-12 years. Corrosion inside a tank is one of the main reasons why water heaters need to be replaced. Most water heaters have an anode rod built into them. This anode absorbs the majority of the corrosive substances and prevents corrosion. The anode is worn out to protect the tank’s metal lining.

A water softener system removes “hard” minerals and replaces them by “softer” minerals like sodium. The anode of the water heater can be corroded faster by soft water. The corrosive elements can move onto the tank when the anode is worn down. If left unattended, a water softener can reduce the life expectancy of a water heater.

What Should You Do?

There is an easy way to get the most from your water heater. You should inspect your water softener system more often to ensure that the anode rod is in good condition. This is a simple procedure that’s much less expensive than replacing the whole water heater unit.

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