An open house may be your first chance as a buyer to check out a property. After all, online listings and physical one-sheets can only go so far. Eventually, you will need to lay eyes on your desired homes. When you step into an open house, it is easy to become distracted by the stunning living room or the meticulously staged bedrooms. However, you must pay close attention to the specifics of the home to evaluate whether it is a decent investment or a dud with major issues. So, what should you watch out for? Read on to learn more.

1. Any Sign of Damage or Neglect

First, you must check for any obvious signs of damage or neglect during the open house. Carefully examine all the baseboards, especially those in the basement. Watch out for any staining or warping, as it can indicate the pipes have burst or flooded before.

Likewise, you should check for mold on kitchen and bathroom sinks, leakage, wiring issues, and so on. If the damages are too severe, such as huge cracks in the walls or foundation, you should pass up on the property. However, if there are only minor defects, El Cerrito CA real estate agent Mark Choi can request the seller to fix them or use them to negotiate a better offer for you.

2. The Neighborhood

Another key element to consider when viewing the open house is your potential future neighbors. Take note of the houses on either side, as well as the properties bordering your rear. Consider how well these neighbors keep their yard and home, and if there are any barking pets or other distracting noises.

To get a sense of the neighborhood, go for a stroll and converse with several residents. Find out from the neighbors what they enjoy about their homes and their opinions of the community. Speaking with current residents and gaining their perspectives will provide you with information you would not have otherwise learned.

3. Too Much Fragrance

Excessive fragrance in a home during an open house can be a red flag. If the residence smells strongly of air fresheners or cleaning chemicals, this could indicate that the homeowner is attempting to mask the odor of mold, mildew, pest infestations, or other unpleasant smells.

Inspect the floors, ceilings, and other hidden spots for carpet stains from pests or mold spots if you identify any strong odors in the house.

4. Recent Renovations

Homes with brand-new kitchens or upgraded bathrooms can be quite appealing to buyers. Nevertheless, it is important to examine any recent house renovations carefully.

Some homeowners may cut corners or opt for low-cost contractors when making these renovations. The upgrades may appear stunning at an open house, but might lead to major problems when you close on the home and move in.

5. Unfinished Construction

In addition, you may discover that some home sections are still unfinished. If you step into the basement and notice open wires running through the ceiling studs, drywall stacked in the corner, or another unfinished element, this is a major red flag.

Some lenders will not even finance purchases for houses with unfinished construction. Before you proceed, learn why the seller was ready to conduct the open house before the construction was finished.

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