When a heat pump quits working it causes convenience worries for house owners in any place they are staying. If you rely on a heat pump for cooling once the weather condition warms up, discover how to troubleshoot minor issues as well as obtain your system back on the right track, quickly! Always remember to make annual inspections of your heat pump.

Examine the Thermostat’s Power

The thermostat enables property owners to connect their comfort needs to the heat pump. When the heat pump stop working, the first place to look is the thermostat. If there’s no power, it is incapable to communicate your comfort needs to the heat pump.

    • If the screen is not on, this is an indicator the thermostat does not have power.
  • For battery-powered units, replace old batteries with fresh ones to see if the power issue was caused by dead batteries.
  • For hardwired systems, inspect your house’s electrical panel. The breaker or fuse controlling power to the thermostat might need to be reset or changed.

Check Device Power

If your thermostat seems powered, following check power to your various other heat pump system parts. These parts have their own power buttons, as well as specialized circuits.

  • Check the power switch situated on or near the interior air handler, it requires to be readied ON.
  • Examine the power button situated on the outside system or nearby on the exterior wall surface of your house where the cooling agent lines run within it likewise requires to be readied ON.
  • Check your home’s electric panel to make certain the circuits regulating both the exterior and interior units are not interrupted by a tripped breaker or blown fuse. Change or reset if required.

Inspect the Thermostat’s Fan Settings

Warm air originating from the vents inside your house can be caused by incorrect fan setups, there might not be a problem with your heat pump at all!

Examine fan setups as well as ensure to turn on the thermostat that manages them is set to AUTOMATIC. It needs to not be set to ON, as this causes the system’s blower motor to continually run, even between cooling cycles. With the AUTO setup, the fan only goes to assist a cooling cycle.

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