Throughout the past few decades, many people have moved to Matthews. Matthews, one of the Charlotte neighborhoods with the quickest growth rate, has managed to keep up with the influx of new residents and infrastructure. If you’re relocating to Charlotte, Matthews is an excellent spot to call home. The homes for sale in Matthews, NC, are reasonably priced compared to neighboring Mecklenburg counties, particularly for those relocating from the Northeast or California. If you’re considering moving, Matthews NC real estate agent Jill Leonard can help you locate the perfect property.

However, before you start the search, here are some things to know about Matthews:

Cold winters and pleasant summers

When living in Matthews, expect pleasant summers and crisp winters. You will experience average high temperatures throughout the warm summer months, ranging from the mid-80s to the lower 90s Fahrenheit, with July being the warmest month. Conversely, winters bring lower temperatures, with January typically the coldest month. Wintertime averages are between the mid-40s and mid-50s Fahrenheit. The town’s citizens enjoy various outdoor activities during the pleasant summer months, while the chilly winters lend a touch of seasonal beauty. All things considered, Matthews’ climate adds to its allure by providing a harmonious mix of warm and cold seasons for locals to enjoy.

Expect several community festivals

Do you like going to local festivals? In Matthews, there are community activities held all year round. The grandest is Matthews Alive, the Southeast’s greatest Labor Day weekend extravaganza. Thousands of people converge to Matthews’ downtown every year for this celebration. You can take your children on rides at the carnival, consume your preferred carnival cuisine, explore the Arts and Crafts Pavilion on foot, and take in a true hometown procession. Likewise, consider letting the children enjoy creating crafts and visiting the Matthews Community Center for music concerts and a quilt display to escape the heat.

The cost of living in Matthews is 2.5% more than the median for the country

Matthews has 2.5% higher living expenses than the US as a whole. Costs for medical care, transportation, and utilities are more than the national average. The typical house price of $465,419 indicates that housing prices exceed the national average. It is more than the $430,000 national average. Grocery prices, however, are lower than the national average; for example, a gallon of milk costs $2.37, and a loaf of bread costs $3.78. In comparison to other cities, Matthews offers reasonably priced housing. Nevertheless, you need to arrange your finances before moving to this place.

Experience Matthew’s sense of belonging

Matthews is best suited for a strong sense of community. Exciting activities, patronage of nearby companies, and celebration of cultural variety typify this. Residents have a shared commitment and actively engage in volunteerism. Recreational areas and parks work as centers of communal activity, promoting relationships and a love of the great outdoors.

Together, people forge stronger bonds via cooperative planning and educational programs, fostering a municipality where community opinion is respected. With neighborhood watch initiatives, safety is a team effort that promotes shared accountability and mutual trust. Community is more than just an idea in Matthews; it’s a way of life, resulting in a lively and friendly town where people interact and enjoy everyday experiences.

Moving to Matthews, North Carolina, provides a beautiful combination of community spirit, ethnic diversity, and Southern friendliness. Considering these crucial elements, you’ll be ready to welcome this city’s beauty and have a pleasant move to Matthews, North Carolina!