Art completes your home decor

You may have chosen the best of colour for your walls but unless you adorn them with a painting that soothes the eyes and increases the grandeur of the decor, they will remain empty to the view. Interior designers agree on the premise that properly decorated walls are what really put the home decor together. 

Art defines personality and gives character

A painting strongly defines the personality of both you and your living spaces. Art plays an important role in creating a character for your home. Another good thing is that art of both upcoming and established artists is also a good investment which appreciates with time. The best part is that art is available across all price points so that you can buy it within your budget without burning a hole in your pocket. Experience modern lifestyle rooftop & podium amenities at adani west bay dn nagar

How you should choose the right artwork

The biggest question that home owners wanting to decorate their walls with art face is, “How do I choose the right artwork?”. To begin with, you can begin by browsing art on websites and online galleries such as, and from the comfort of your home. You can also connect with professional art consultants in Mumbai who will guide you on the art buying process according to your requirement and budget.

Choosing art for the bedroom

Your bedroom is your private retreat where you turn to after a busy day at work. The art which you choose for your bedroom should feature abstract pieces with soothing colours and tones so as to help you unwind and prepare for a good night’s sleep. If you’re a lover of photography or enjoying watching photographs, go for landscape paintings. We suggest that you keep the frames to the bare minimum so that you get a clear view of the painting without distraction.

Selecting art for your living room

The living room is where you enjoy with family and friends over interesting conversation and great cuisine. The living room is the entry point for your guests, which is why you should pay extra attention while choosing artwork for this space, which will be instrumental in provoking meaningful conversation. We suggest that you opt for a large rectangular frame for the main wall which faces the seating space. Paintings with human or animal figures look grand and significantly enhance the ambience of the living room.

Decorating your kitchen with art

The kitchen is often the most forgotten area of the house when it comes to art. Referred to as the “heart of the house”, the kitchen is where all those flavoursome delicacies are prepared which tickle your palate and give you a gastronomic experience. Small paintings over counter tops or cabinet spaces are ideal. We suggest that you have small frames in a sequence instead of one big frame, as they look more appealing in the kitchen. adani west bay andheri presents unique architectural design

Art inspires in the bathroom

Give your bathroom a vibrant look by complementing the accessories with two medium sized paintings stacked either side by side or one above the other. They can either be two distinct paintings that align with a common theme or same abstract pieces but flipped over in sequence.

Work from home space needs art too

If you’re working from home, having an appealing art piece by your side can help you work better and increase your productivity. It is proven that looking at inspiring art while working helps in significantly increasing creative thinking and subsequent output.