Plumbing or electrical issues may occur in your home anytime without warning. If not acted upon early on, those issues could turn bigger. According to the seasoned professionals in toilet repair Sydney locals rely on, the bigger the issue becomes, the more difficult it would be to handle, especially if there’s nobody left at home except you. In this case, the presence of experienced repairmen – electricians and plumbing experts could be an advantage.

Below are the silent warning signs to keep an eye on your plumbing and electrical systems.

Plumbing Problem Warning Signs

Slow drainage – A simple clog could slow down the drain. Therefore, be careful of what you throw down the drain as even small bits of food, strands of hair or particles of soap don’t dissolve that easily. Clogs that don’t disintegrate properly may lead to overflowing in the sink and then flooding down to the floors.

Weak water pressure – Low water pressure could be detected in one or multiple locations in your household. If it’s in the former, you could probably be having a faucet aerator problem. But if it’s in the latter, the problem perhaps lies either in the water main or the supply line itself.

Spike in your water bills – An increase in your water bill could point to an issue of leaking or damaged pipe. It shows that your water usage is increasing although in truth, you were not using all of that water since most of it is wasted through the leaks. Likewise, if you notice your toilet running, it also contributes to a hike in your water bill.

Electrical Problem Warning Signs

Lights that flicker – This could be due to a loose electrical connection and not due to the presence of some ghost visiting your home according to popular beliefs. It’s no problem if there’s only one light flickering but if there are many, then there could be an underlying problem. Only a professional can fix the issue.

Burning odour – You don’t see smoke or fire but you can smell something burning. In that case, the smell might be coming from the back of your walls. It might be due to a short circuit brought about by worn wiring or loose wires. If not resolved, a fire could occur. Better call an electrician quickly.

Electric shock – Sometimes, you can feel electricity running through your skin upon touching an electrical appliance as in opening the fridge or switching on the lights. It’s either that the appliance itself has an internal problem or the electrical system is the one having an issue. In either case, have a qualified electrician look into the issue for a quick fix. As you know, electric shocks can aggravate over time and might endanger your life.

The best way to circumvent plumbing and electrical hazards is to call a professional to check on your systems. Protect your home and your life with your trusted plumber and electrician.