Méga Comptoirs silestone kitchen countertop is a great option whether you want to replace your counters or totally redesign an existing home.

  • Silestone Mostly Consists of Quartz.

Silestone is a remarkably tough and long-lasting surface since it is made up of 94% quartz and is linked using resins and other adhesives. Silestone offers a very excellent resistance to discoloration and dents, in addition to being scratch resistant.

  • It resists stains.

Like real stone materials like granite, Silestone is solid and impermeable. Therefore it does not soak liquids and is not required to be sealed. Coffee, wine, oils, and other regularly used fluids in the kitchen will not leave a lasting stain on Silestone countertops. This may be a huge benefit if you enjoy cooking!

  • Numerous Colors are Available for Silestone.

Unlike actual stone, Silestone is offered in various shapes, colors, and consistent designs, so color coordinating with your existing or new cabinets or flooring is not an issue. A kitchen decorator’s ideal material, Silestone, complements practically any kitchen design. This is among the factors contributing to the use of Silestone quartz worktops in kitchens, which has emerged as one of the kitchen decor trends with the quickest growth.

  • Easily Maintained

Some other reason why Silestone is beginning to outperform other countertop materials is its ease of upkeep. Silestone does not require sealing or resealing like other common materials and designs like granite, and unlike Corian, it will rarely require re-sanding due to cuts or scratches. Additionally, Silestone will not require frequent buffing because it mostly consists of quartz, which organically imparts a glossy sheen.

  • High durability

Silestone is made of quartz, which gives it exceptional scratch resistance. Hardly a few naturally occurring substances are more resilient and durable than quartz. Thus, Silestone is a great option if durability is your main concern. Considering that Silestone is only “nearly” burn resistant, it should take care of using hot pans and skillets. It is always advisable to use a cushion or potholder to prevent burns.

  • The Material Versatility of Silestone

Floors, walls, and even fireplace settings may all be made of Silestone, thanks to its incredible versatility.

  • Price 

The cost of installing Silestone kitchen counters can range from $50 to $100 for every sq ft. Season, width, and quality class can all affect the price. You should be aware that setup is not included in this value.

Every kitchen can benefit from the understated elegance and style that Silestone provides. As you have just seen, employing this information has a lot of advantages. Silestone countertops may cost a bit more upfront, but they are ultimately a valuable decision.